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Madge signs this photo of herself “Yours sincerely,” and Pamela labels it “a present.” (Box 7, Folder 29)In England, P.L. Travers lived with Madge Burnand (May 31, 1891 - March 18, 1959). After being introduced by AE Russell, the women shared a flat in London, and later rented a cottage together in Sussex.

Actor Emma Thompson played Travers in the 2013 film "Saving Mr. Banks," which depicted Travers' battle with Walt Disney to make "Mary Poppins." The actress was quoted in article on the film in The Advocate about Travers' relationship with Burnand. She stated, "I don't know whether they were lovers or not, but she did live with Madge for a long, long time, and she certainly had very complex, passionate relationships with both women and men. She was an explorer of her own condition, and very possibly her own sexuality."

It was while living with Burnand that Travers published "Mary Poppins," the work that would give the author her greatest fame. Travers wrote five sequels to "Mary Poppins" and, as "Saving Mr. Banks" depicted, she reluctantly sold the rights to Disney, who produced the famous film. Travers, apparently, was not fond of the Julie Andrews/Dick Van Dyke musical and particularly hated the animated dancing penguins.

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