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Lydia Dudley Woodbridge (November 15, 1875 - July 28, 1946) was a teacher at Indiana University, assistant dean of woman and a professor of French. She lived with a Agnes Ermina Wells, Dean of Women at Indiana University and professor of mathematics and astronomy there.[11][12] When Wells retired as dean, Woodbridge also stepped down as assistant dean and devoted her efforts towards teaching French.[6]

Woodbridge was born in Duluth to William Starkweather Woodbridge (b. 1845) and Frances Angelina Poole (b. 1841). She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1897 and after that, taught for a period in the Duluth High School. She also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, in Germany, and at the University of California and University of Wisconsin. She received an A.M. from University of Wisconsin in 1916. She joined Indiana University in 1918 reaching the position, at the time of retirement in July 1, 1946, of assistant professor of French.

She was a member of the Indiana University Faculty Women's Club, the University French Club and the Bloomington Woman's Club. Woodbridge died on July 28, 1946 in Bloomington, Indiana at the age of 70.[13] Soon after her death, Wells wrote in a letter to Anita Pollitzer, an acquaintance in the Party, that her “friend of 41 years and house-companion for 28 years” had just died.[14]

After Woodbridge's death, Wells sold their house at the University Courts in Bloomington, Indiana.

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