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Plains Cemetery Kingston, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, USA

Luella J.B. Case (December 30, 1807 – October 30, 1857) was a poet. Sarah Carter Edgarton Mayo (1819-1848) was an author and editor. Reading their letters, it seems that Edgarton Mayohad a realtionship with Case. Case's poems and prose writings have nearly all been published in miscellanies edited by Edgarton Mayo. This writings have chiefly appeared in The Rose of Sharon, a religious annual, and The Flower Vase, a small volume of selected poetry.

Luella Juliette Bartlett was the daughter of Hon. Levi Bartlett (1763-1828), a Justice of the Peace and Quorum throughout the State, Colonel in the Militia, and Postmaster for many years, and Abigail Stevens, and was born in Kingston, NH, where she lived from 1807 to 1828. She was the granddaughter of revolutionary patriot, Governor Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795), of New Hampshire, the signer. She married Eliphalet Case (1796-1862), Editor of several newspapers, and long time Postmaster at Lowell, on June 6, 1828. She moved to Portland, ME, from 1828 to 1833, to Lowell, MA, from 1833 to 1841, and back to Portland from 1841 to 1857. She died in Kingston at the residence of her brother, Dr. Levi Steven Bartlett.

Her hymn beginning "Lord, on thy Zion's wall" is included in the Universalist Church Harmonies: New and Old, 1895.

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