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Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Lucile Davidson Alsop (October 22, 1891 – July 27, 1935) was the daughter of Samual Davidson in Fort Worth, Texas, and had a brother (Alfred) and a sister (Mrs. Joseph Fleck of Taos, New Mexico). She was a member of the Heterodoxy Club.

She graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1915. She was married first to Scudder Middleton (1888—1959), and they had a son, David Middleton. Middleton was the managing editor of The New Yorker in the early 1930s, as well as an editor of Stage magazine, and a poet and early screenwriter.

On July 2, 1927, she married lawyer Reese Denny Alsop. That marriage was performed at Five Meadows, the Stamford, Conn. summer home of Dr. S. Josephine Baker. Both Lucile Davidson Alsop and Dr. Baker were members of the Universalist Church, but more importantly, they were strong supporters of woman's suffrage. Both women were members of Heterodoxy, a Greenwich Village feminist monthly gathering (1912-1940) of famous, infamous and very interesting women. Lucile Davidson Alsop was also a member of the Cosmopolitan Club. For 12 years she was the financial secretary of the Maternity Centre Association of New York City.

She died after years of ill health, probably of breast cancer.

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