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Kyle Onstott (January 12, 1887 in Du Quoin, Illinois – June 3, 1966)[1] was an American novelist, known for his best-selling novel Mandingo (1957), which deals with slavery on an Alabama plantation with the fictional name of Falconhurst in the 1830s. The book was made into a 1961 play[2] and film of the same name, which was released in 1975.[3]

Onstott was originally a dog breeder and judge in regional dog shows, living in California with his widowed mother in the early 1900s. Onstott’s partner was Edgar Miller (1899-1930). Having collaborated with his adopted son on a book about dog breeding, he decided to write a book that would make him rich. "Utilizing his [adopted] son's anthropology research on West Africa, he handwrote Mandingo and his son served as editor. Denlinger's, a small Virginia publisher, released it and it became a national sensation."[4] A sequel and a series of other novels followed, mostly written with Lance Horner.

Outside the usual setting of their work was the 1966 novel Child of the Sun, recounting the scandalous reign of the homosexual Roman emperor Elagabalus.

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