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Cecil Kenneth Du Main (September 14, 1923 - August 21, 2001 (Los Angeles, California)) was an American actor, who appeared in one episode of the 1960s sitcom, Hogan's Heroes. According to Ken DuMain, he met Nils Asther on Hollywood Boulevard in the early 1940s and they enjoyed a long-term relationship. Loved and admired by so many in the film industry, Du Main started working in "early" Hollywood as an actor, later becoming well-known as an art historian and fine collector of film memorabilia with his partner David Bradley.

Cecil Kenneth Du Main was born in Rylie, Texas. In the 1940s the family lived in Minden, Webster, Louisiana. During WWII he was in the US Navy.

Like many movie extras of his era, Ken Dumain's work depended on maintaining his anonymity. DuMain found his way to California when he got out of the military. Through various connections, DuMain was able to get his Screen Extras Guild card in the 1940s. This launched a career that spanned six decades. For a time he dated a young Marilyn Monroe, still known as Norma Jean.

Starting in the 1940s, DuMain continually appeared in musicals that were filmed during that period. It was during this time that he started to make connections that would help him throughout his entire career. DuMain became affiliated with various personal personnel at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This led him to get cast as an extra in most of the movies that were filmed at the studio.

By the 1950s, DuMain found steady work as a stand-in. He developed a long-lasting friendship with Peter Lawford. He worked as Lawford's stand-in and Lawford frequently took him on location when he filmed various movies. Lawford always made sure to take care of DuMain and he would have him occasionally act as his stunt double.

As Lawford's acting career came to a close, DuMain found steady work at MGM. He found regular work as the stand-in for Dean Jagger Mon Mr. Novak. After Mr. Novak was ended, DuMain became the regular stand-in for Lloyd Bridges on The Loner. Unfortunately for DuMain, the show was canceled as a season.

By the 1970s, it became extremely difficult for people to make a living as a screen extras guild. DuMain frequently found work as a stand-in on various shows and movies. His biggest break became a regular bar patron and stand-in on the television show Cheers in the 1980s.

Always a fan of classic movies, DuMain and his partner David Bradley would frequently host elaborate parties dedicated to old silent movies. They would frequently invite one of the actors in the movie to watch the movie during the party. Though he passed away in 2001, Ken DuMain left a legacy of an actor you could depend on to be professional and a person you could always depend on to be a true friend.

On August 21, 2001, Kenneth died in Los Angeles, California of respiratory and congestive heart failure.

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