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Katherine Delmar Burke School, 3065 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, 1500 Mission Rd, Colma, CA 94014, USA

Katherine Delmar Burke (second from left) with her teachers at the school's original location on Broderick Street.Katherine Delmar Burke (1867 – February 14, 1929) came from a long line of teachers, including an aunt, Kate Kennedy, who was a renowned public school teacher and the namesake of the Kate Kennedy School in San Francisco. She began tutoring both adults and children for 25 cents an hour while she was still attending Girls’ High School, and later became a faculty member at Miss Murison’s School. In 1908, she began teaching her own class in a rental at Steiner and Pacific Avenues in Pacific Heights. There were eight girls in her inaugural class, later called the Charter Children. This was the beginning of Katherine Delmar Burke School.

Burke's first location in 1908 was at Steiner and Pacific Streets in Pacific Heights. It then relocated to a house at 2310 Broderick Street. In 1918 the growing school moved to a new building designed by architect Julia Morgan (a friend of Katherine Burke), located at 3065 Jackson Street. The school began acquiring property in Sea Cliff in 1929. At first only the Kindergarten and First grade were located there. The rest of the property was used as a sports venue for the upper classes. There was a large grass sports field, basketball courts, and 5 tennis courts. In 1949, grades 2 through 6 were moved there after the completion of new classrooms.

Katherine Delmar Burke died in Egypt.

Katherine Delmar Burke School, San Francisco, CA

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