Husband Henry Bennet “Harry” Brewster

Julia Von Stockhausen (1842-1896) was the daughter of Bodo Albrecht Von Stockhausen, a Hanoverian diplomat, and Clothilde Annette von Baudissin.

She married Henry Bennet “Harry” Brewster, philosopher and writer. Henry Brewster's father was a dental surgeon in New York who went on to work for the European elite, and he was eventually knighted by Nicholas I Tsar of Russia in 1842. Following his death, he left a large inheritance for Henry Brewster, allowing him to sustain his family while pursuing a literary career. They had two children: Christopher Henry Brewster and Clotilde Kate Brewster.

The Brewsters lived isolated in Florence, Italy[2] for 10 years to be immersed in theology, nature, and history. In 1880 the family moved to an estate, Châteaux de Avignônet but by 1883, it had burned down completely.

In Leipzig Ethel Smyth met her first lover, Elisabeth "Lisl" von Herzogenberg, who was Julia's sister. Smyth once admitted, "If ever I worshipped a being on earth it was Lisl." However, in 1882, on a visit to Florence, Smyth was introduced to Julia, and Julia's husband, Henry Bennet Brewster. At first it was Julia who was interested in Smyth, but in the end it was Henry who fell in love with her. Two years later, Smyth clained to reciprocate his feelings. In 1885, the Brewsters divorced and Julia died in 1896.[1]. Henry proposed Ethel, but she refused. He died of cancer in 1908. Once Vernon Lee asked Smyth, "to how many people have you given without reserve and got something like the equivalent in return?", and Smyth replied: "Lisl, Harry and a third, unnamed, person." Lee deduced the third person was Lady Ponsonby, Queen Victoria's lady-in-waiting.

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