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Wanstead Park, Capel Rd, London E11 2LT, Regno Unito
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Image result for John TylneyJohn Tylney, 2nd Earl Tylney (1712 – 17 September 1784) was an English aristocrat that was forced to live abroad when an homosexual scandal became public in his home country.

John Tylney was baptized on 22 October 1712, the first surviving son of Richard Child, 1st Earl Tylney, and Dorothy, daughter of John Glynne of Henley Park, Surrey. Dorothy Glynne's mother was another Dorothy, daughter of Frederick Tylney of Tylney Hall, and heiress to the Tylney estates. For this reason Richard Child and his sons took name of Tylney in 1734.

In 1721 John Tylney entered Westminster School and then, in 1732, went to Christ Church, Oxford.

He succeeded to the title of Earl of Tylney in March 1750, and inherited, among other properties, Wanstead House. He became known as "the bachelor Earl Tylney". He was flamboyant, a bachelor who lived in a decadent and dangerous way at Wanstead House, and his homosexuality was an open secret. He was forced to leave England when he was found "in flagrante delicto" with a male servant.

In February 1764, Tylney was in Italy. He settled in Naples and devoted his life to acquire treasures that he sent back to Wanstead House, antique furnitures, paintings by Casali and Rembrandt and three ancient bronze statues. He died on 17 September 1784 in Naples, "where he had resided for many years", and left his estates to his nephew, James Tylney-Long.

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