Queer Places:
Saint Patricks Cemetery Chatsworth, Livingston County, Illinois, USA

John Lester Haberkorn (December 4, 1885 - February 16, 1963) was the son of L.J. Haberkorn, author of "A History of Chatsworth, Illinois" , and became a traveled, famous singer. He performed many times in Chatsworth, at the school and at the famous ballroom in "The Grand" building. J. Lester Haberkorn, born on Main street, a vocalist all of his life, traveled in every state of the Union with Chautauqua and Minstrel companies. For the last 17 years of his career he had a vaudeville act with Karl R .Denton, of Ohio, naming their act, "Hab & Denton Stepping Out in Black and Tan," thus helping to put the name of Chatsworth on the map.

Haberkorn was born at Chatsworth, December 4, 1885, the son of L. J. Haberkorn and Mary Knecht. He never married. He attended Chatsworth schools and was a graduate of Chicago Musical College and Skinner School of Music at Bloomington. In 1906 he received the Diamond Medal in Class Competion of the Chicago Musical College. The previous year the two medals both went to Europe, and the fact that Lester succeeded in securing one of them was the cause of much gratification.

For 40 years he was a vaudeville entertainer with L. G. Fields Minstrels and the --O'Brien Minstrels, traveling many circuits, as a baritone singer. He was formerly associated with a team known as Haberkorn and Denton, until the death of his partner, Karl R .Denton. In 1958 he retired from show business and made his home with his sister. During his life he did some original compositions in music. He was a true music enthusiast, attending concerts and other musical programs in the surrounding area. He was a 50-year member of the Kankakee Elks Lodge and a member of Sts. Peter and Paul's church.

J. Lester Haberkorn died at 77, at the home of his sister, Aurelia Herr. He died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Burial was in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Chatsworth.

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