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Sanctuary Nightclub, 3209 Paces Ferry Pl NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

Jimmy "Buc" Buccalo (1960 - December 31, 2001) was a world-renowned DJ. BUC was long considered the guru of the gay dance community.

He was born at Steubenville, OH, the son of Roland Dominic "Buck" Buccalo and Amy Marie DiPasquale, and grew up in West Virginia.

Prior to starting his DJ career, DJ Buc was heavily influenced musically by a fantastic, New York-style disco club that he frequented in Pittsburgh, PA – HEAVEN; and by The Saint. He also took many trips to New York City, especially to go to Vinylmania. In the very early 80s Buc starting playing in Texas at a place called Big Daddy’s, but his first really professional gig was at Throckmorton Mining Company in Dallas. He then moved to Baltimore, MD for a short period where he was hired by Bubbles to play at Cignel. Bubbles went on to spend time at Buc’s original home in West Virginia, having lots of long conversations with Buc’s father, Roland. Buc then moved back to West Virginia for 1 1/2 years before moving to Atlanta, GA where he secured a position at the record hotspot, Let The Music Play. He began to spin at small places and parties, and built his reputation at Sanctuary, with his sophisticated, jazz-influenced and, at times, spiritual mixes; he especially felt at home in these intimate surroundings. A turning point in Buc’s career was his performance at DC’s Club Zei after Quilt Weekend in ’91. A much wider audience was then exposed to him and his music. Buc was especially proud of playing at Roseland Ballroom in NYC during Gay Games in 1994; he then went on to spin during Gay Games in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1998. Fire Island was Buc’s favorite place in the world. He played at The Pavilion, Morning Party, Dancing on the Bay, Ice Palace – but was especially known for his skills at the After Party on Sundays during the Pines Party Weekends, held annually at Jim Pepper’s compound.

DJ Buc, unlike the bulk of too many contemporary club DJs, was a champion of the musical journey—a journey that traversed a wonderfully diverse rhythmic landscape in the course of one set. For DJ Buc, it was important not only to play the hits, but to introduce his audiences to the new and unexpected. As Buc in his own words said, "I hope these songs move you in some way, be it your snapping fingers, your soul and hopefully your dancing feet, and makes you feel as good as it does me. The rhythms, the words, the melodies...hear them." He knew how to entertain and educate.

Jim Buccalo, more commonly known as DJ Buc, passed away in Atlanta on December 31, 2001; the cause of death was double pneumonia.

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