Image result for Jeanne HumbertJeanne Humbert , born Henriette Jeanne Rigaudin , on in Romans-sur-Isère ( Drôme ) and died on , is a French writer , journalist and peace activist and libertarian . She was a pacifist, naturalist, and birth control activist; she wrote in favor of free motherhood for neo-Malthusian publications. She served time in prison for her birth control work; she was the companion of Eugène Humbert.

In 1901, her mother, Aline Rigaudin, left Romans for Tours with the anarchist activist Auguste Delalé. Jeanne then frequented anarchist figures such as Laurent Tailhade and Jean Marestan . She passes the primary school certificate.

In 1903, the family moved to Paris, where Jeanne became a pupil of Eugène Vigo, father of Jean Vigo , born in 1905, who owes his first name to Jeanne Rigaudin, his lay godmother. Eugène Vigo taught her shorthand.

In Eugene Vigo's circle of acquaintances is Eugène Humbert (1870-1944); in 1909, he asked Jeanne Rigaudin to come to the secretariat of his newspaper Génération consciente . Become her partner, she has a daughter in 1913.

She then worked for La Grande Réforme , another newspaper created by Humbert. Like her husband, she was repeatedly sentenced to prison terms, in particular for her comments and actions in favor of abortion , banned in France since 1920 [ 1 ] . They married in 1924, to facilitate their relations in the event of imprisonment.

On their release from prison in 1924, they met Marcel Kienné de Mongeot, theorist and practitioner of naturism . Eugène Humbert takes care of the magazine Vivre while Jeanne writes her novel En Plein Vie , where she extols nudism while developing neo-Malthusian theses.

In the 1930s, she traveled around France to give over a hundred conferences in favor of birth control and pacifism .

In 1939, they settled near Lisieux (Calvados). Imprisoned for contraceptive propaganda, Eugène Humbert died in 1944 during a bombardment while he was in hospital in Amiens .

In 1946, Jeanne Humbert created the Association of Eugène Humbert's friends.

In 1951, she participated alongside Félicien Challaye and Émile Bauchet in the founding of the National Committee for Resistance to War and Oppression (the CNRGO, which became the Union pacifiste de France in 1961).

In 1974, she joined May Picqueray who founded Le Réfractaire .

In 1981, Bernard Baissat produced a documentary film on her life, entitled Écoulez Jeanne Humbert.

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