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James Joseph Earie (January 27, 1914 - April 5, 1984) worked for Twentieth Century Fox Studios. In the 1940s he lived with John Horvath. "Everybody in research at MGM was gay except for the two women secretaries," said George Schönbrunn, who started in the department in the 1950s, when it had five employees. That would include James Earie, who earlier had been a researcher at Fox and who would take over as chief when Elliot Morgan retired in the 1960s.

James Joseph Earie was born on 27 January 1914, in Lorain, Ohio, to Imre L. Fulei (1881–1935) and Ethel Staylon (1888-1975). He lived in Charleston, Black River Township, Lorain, Ohio, in 1920 and in Los Angeles, California, in 1940. He registered for military service in 1943.

He died on 5 April 1984, in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 70.

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