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James Carroll Vincent (November 9, 1897 – May 15, 1948) was silent movie actor, long-time partner of J. Warren Kerrigan.

James Carroll Vincent was born on November 9, 1897, in Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to California to be an actor and met Jack Warren Kerrigan. Vincent moved into Kerrigan's home, at 2307 Cahuenga Boulevard, where they began a long-term relationship. He was listed at various times as Kerrigan's secretary or gardener.[1] Not to be confused with actor James Vincent, born in 1882 therefore only 3 years younger than Kerrigan, while his lover is described as being much younger than Kerrigan,[2] or stage manager James Vincent (who worked with Katharine Cornell and was long-time friend of George Cukor), born in 1900 who committed suicide in 1953 in New York City.

In 1919 Vincent, who was a "juvenile" actor with Bessie Barriscale, appeared in the cast of "Out of Court"[3], in 1920 he was in the cast of "The Coast of Opportunity"[4] and in 1924 in the cast of "$30,000", all three of them movies with or by Kerrigan.[5]

In 1924 Kerrigan and Vincent, and other friends, were in a automobile accident in Dixon, Illinois, on the route from Sterling to Chicago. In the news James Vincent was again named as Kerrigan's secretary.[6]

After Kerrigan's death in June 1947, Vincent married Mitty Lee Turner (1894-1968) on October 24, 1947. Unable to find happiness, committed suicide by gas in his bedroom at 14716 Magnolia Boulevard, Van Nuys, 9 months after the death of Kerrigan.[7]

Vincent died on March 15, 1948, in Van Nuys, California, and is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale).

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