Husband Nick Nolan

Jaime Flores (born March 25, 1961) married author Nick Nolan on November 23, 2013. They met in 1987.

Jaime “J” Flores is an award winning graphic designer and currently serves as Creative Services Manager for a nationally ranked architectural firm. A first generation Mexican-American, Flores studied in Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo, and he holds both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication and an Associative Arts degree in Fashion Design. Flores is fluent in English, Spanish, and French; he craves traveling and has toured South America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Flores is also an avid skier of the Canadian and the American Rockies.

The couple maintains a midcentury modern home in the San Fernando Valley and a cabin in the mountains, where Flores paints in oils and Nolan writes. Nolan and Flores were both born in 1961, exactly 40 weeks apart to the day…, which means Jaime was conceived on the day Nick was born.

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