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Cathedral of Hope Columbarium Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

Image result for Jackson Kevin MyarsJackson Kevin Myars (October 24, 1963, McKinney, Texas - May 28, 2002, Dallas, Texas) was a Composer, Choral Conductor and Arranger, Church Musician and Accompanist. He was a teacher in music at University of Texas, Austin.

Jackson Myars was the founder and director of Positive Voices, a choir of HIV-positive men associated with The Cathedral of Hope, Metropolitan Community Church in Dallas, Texas. The ensemble toured in the Southwest, made two CD recordings and received a nomination for a 1997 GLAMA (Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards) in the choral music category.

Jackson Myars died of AIDS in Dallas at the age of 38 on May 28, 2002. -—Joseph Dalton

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