Queer Places:
Eastern Michigan Asylum for the Insane, 140 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Pontiac, MI 48341

Arthur Doty - female impersonatorJohn Oakman aka J. Arthur Doty (died April 13, 1890) was a clever female impersonator, and a bright writer of sketches, burlesques, etc. He was especially noted for his roguish ways and captivating manners, and at one time, he had a bright future.

In 1879 he worked with Fred Malcolm doing acts in the variety houses. In March 23, 1879, he was announced to marry Eva Belfontaine, a non professional of Denver.

In September 11, 1886, he began an engagement with Simmons and Slocum's Minstrels in Philadelphia; subsequently, and for about eighteen months, he did an act with Belle Fairmont.

J. Arthur Doty died on April 13, 1890, at the Eastern Michigan Asylum for the Insane, where he had been confined since November 1889.

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