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Szikraház, Újtátrafüred, Nový Smokovec, 062 01 Vysoké Tatry-Starý Smokovec, Slovakia

Iska Teleki aka Katalina Kende Júlia Kölcse aka Szikra (Spark) (Pest, March 7, 1864 – Budapest, March 15, 1937) Countess Sándorné Teleki, was a writer, journalist, editor of The Woman and Society, then The Woman, founding president of the Circle of Hungarian Writers, Vice-President of the Hungarian PEN Club.[1][2]

The ancient Roman Catholic child of noble origin was the scion of the Kende family. Her father, Kende Kanuth of Kölcse (1822-1903), was a board-keeper from Bereg county, a national guard in 1848, a member of parliament who was farewelled by Kálmán Mikszáth in a warm-voiced obituary as "the last-eyed gentleman". Her mother, Kállay Ida of Nagykálló (1827-1900), was a landlady. She was baptized in the parish of St. Stephen's Town of Pest; Her godparents were Mihály Zalakapolcsi Domonkos and his wife, Lady Júlia Borbély of Tiszarof (1824-1867).

On October 31, 1886 she married Sándor Teleki (1861-1919), whose father, the "Wild Count" Sándor Teleki (Cluj-Napoca, 1821-1892), was a Hungarian soldier, defense colonel, Italian general, chief order member and member of the Petőfi Society. The marriage of Count Sándor Teleki and Juliet Kende remained childless.

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