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Hubert Valentine Fanshaw (1878 – August 11, 1940) was an art teacher for 27 years at Kelvin High School (now Winnipeg High School) and frequent exhibitor at the Canadian Academy of Arts, Ottawa, where several of his canvases received wide praise. Primarily a landscape painter he also painted still lifes and made woodblock prints. Exhibited: Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles. Works held: National Gallery of Canada.

Hubert Valentine Fanshaw (1878-1940) was born in Sheffield, England in 1878. Fanshaw's father, artist John Fanshaw, a teacher at the Sheffield Technical School of Art, provided young Fanshaw's first art instruction. Following graduation from the Central Secondary School in 1893, Fanshaw enrolled in the Sheffield Technical School of Art, 1893-95. After seven years of instruction there, he studied for two years at the Royal College of Art in London and then studied in Antwerp at the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts in 1903 under John Cook and Gerald Moira. In 1904 Fanshaw received certification from the London Board of Education in art and textile design.

Having made a decision to emigrate in 1912, he accepted a position to teach art in Portland, Oregon. A side trip to Winnipeg proved fateful. He met Lionel Lemoine FitzGerald and Phillips, who would become dose friends. They urged him to remain in Winnipeg. He found employment first at the Ransom Engraving Company and in January, 1913, he was appointed director of the Art Department at Kelvin Technical High School, where he remained until his death twenty-seven years later. An influential member of the art community, he stressed the importance of art instruction as a concomitant to training in commercial art and industrial design. Furthermore, he suggested that art instruction, a non-credit course at Kelvin, should receive more space in the collegiate timetable and more official encouragement and recognition.

An artist as well as a teacher, Fanshaw became immediately part of the small com•munity of exhibiting artists who lived and worked in Manitoba. In 1914 he showed at the Western Canadian Exhibition at the Art Gallery and in the Art Union Exhibition; in 1915 he exhibited at the Art Club. He also designed the Kelvin School crest and a plaque to the memory of Lawrence Irving and his wife. Mabel Hackney, well-known English Actors who had perished when the S. S. Empress of Ireland went down. In addition to his membership on the Art Committee of the WSA, beginning in 1926, Fanshaw belonged to the Winnipeg Sketch Club, from about 1920 to 1926, and the Manitoba Society of Artists, in whose exhibitions he took part until his death in 1940. For the most part Fanshaw exhibited locally, but in 1929 he showed a number of colour block prints in an exhibition of the Society of Canadian Painters - Etchers at the Art Gallery of Toronto.

He was a resident of Los Angeles and painted in southern California during 1923-24 while there to install a mural in a public building with artist James Dolena, later architect of George Cukor house.

He married Beatrice Fanshaw and had one son Hubert.

He He lived at 161 Lyle St, St James, and is buried in St. James cemetery. When he died in 1940 a memorial exhibit was held in his honor.

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