Henriette Jean Hoskier Brunhes (March 25, 1872 – October 10, 1914, who lived part of the year in Switzerland, started the Ligue sociale d’acheteurs [LSA - social consumers’ league] there, which appropriately began its work by looking at conditions in chocolate factories.

Henriette Hoskier was the daughter of Émile Hoskier (1830-1915), a banker and consul of Denmark in France. On 23 May 1896, in Paris, she married Jean Brunhes (1869-1930). The couple was among the founders in France of the Social Consumers’ League, created in Paris in 1902, an association influenced by the social doctrine of Pope Leo XIII which aimed, in a very original way, to empower women in their status as consumers - lists of traders respecting certain social and hygiene rules, etc. - while looking at the working conditions of the workers and employees of France at the time. Following these commitments, the couple published Ruskin and the Bible in 1901.

She died at Arcachon, aged 42 years old.

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