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Henriette "Jetty" van Lennep (September 14, 1894, Surabaya, East Java, v/m Ned.Oost-Indie, Indonesia - June 30, 1972, Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands) was a Dutch musicologist and composer.

Van Lennep was a member of the Van Lennep family and a daughter of colonial entrepreneur Robbert van Lennep (1863-1921) and Adrienne Minette Lucassen (1867-1940). She had three more sisters and a brother. On May 31, 1927, she was elevated with a sister to the Dutch nobility, which allowed her to wear the designation maiden.

After high school, she taught herself Greek and Latin and spent two years studying Romance languages ​​at the University of Amsterdam . She took composition lessons with Bernard Zweers after which she composed Three songs with orchestra performed by Johanna Zegers-de Beyl with the Concertgebouw Orchestra in 1922. After that she wrote many more compositions, including songs on poems by JH Leopold and PC Boutens (both of whom she knew) [1] and harp songs for Rosa Spier .

Van Lennep was friends with dancer Lili Green . In 1931 they gave lectures together for various Dutch People's Universities , following the publication of a book by Green about movement art. During these lectures, the lecture by Van Lennep was explained by Green with dance demonstrations. [2]

Van Lennep also provided discussions of concerts and music publications for De Groene . In the war years 1943-1944 she published many articles in the National Socialist magazine De Schouw .

In 1948 she co-founded the Union Internationale des Amis du Belcanto and in 1953 she initiated the Prinsenhof concerts she organized until 1971.

From the 1950s she started to study folk music. Between 1953 and 1956 she gave radio broadcasts about this and in 1956 she published The Music of the Nations .

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