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Adrianus "Hans" van Marle (March 9, 1922 – July 7, 2001) was editor of the series Selected Studies on Indonesia. He also did research on the Polish-British author Jospeh Conrad. His archive contains correspondence and articles and documents concerning different subjects, among which the population, students and politics of the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia, publications of G.J. Renskink and the series Selected Studies. In 1950, James S. Holmes ran into the love of his life in Amsterdam in 1950: Hans van Marle. Together with Van Marle and Ed Hoornik, among others, Holmes published the English-language magazine Delta from 1957 onwards. Probably through Hanny Michaelis, a friend of Donkersloot, Holmes and Van Marle came into contact with Michaelis' then husband, the Dutch writer Gerard Reve. Reve wanted to publish in English, and while working on the translation of one of his books, he fell hopelessly in love with Holmes, the first man he had sex with. For Holmes, who would always have an open relationship with Van Marle, it was just about sex: 'I think I was just a little further along than Gerard at that time.'

Hans van Marle was born Adrianus van Marle in Baarn, Holland. He studied Law and Political Science. After the war, he became interested in the Indonesian question. He wrote several articles on Indonesian subjects and became editor of the Selected Studies on Indonesia by Dutch Scholars series. He was also active as a translator, including the work of J.C. van Leur and G.J. Rensink. He would devote most of his academic work to the Polish-British author Joseph Conrad.

During the Second World War, he joined the Dutch resistance and operated under a false name from 1943. He was deeply interested in Indonesia, having travelled to the Dutch East Indies in 1946: a lengthy article by van Marle on the new republic of Indonesia was published in a student newspaper in 1948. The first of numerous articles by van Marle on Joseph Conrad, a note on Lingard, was published in 1960. Van Marle also edited two volumes on Indonesian history. From 1957-1975 van Marle was involved in editing Delta: A Review of Arts, Life and Thought in the Netherlands. He was awarded an honorary life membership of the Joseph Conrad (UK) Society in 1996.

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