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Gwyneth Marianne Wansbrough-Jones (1903-1979) was a Children's Officer and Child Welfare Officer at the Essex County Council. In her friendship with Gwyneth Wansbrough Jones, the formidable social reformer Geraldine Aves discovered an emotional attachment which brought a deep level of fulfilment to both their lives. Gwyneth shared Geraldine’s devout faith; they were fellow pilgrims. ‘It is good to be able to travel together…’ wrote Gwyneth, ‘…and although we have different obstacles to climb over, I expect we can help each other with them, and that there will sometimes be a rainbow that we see all the more clearly because there are two of us.’

Graduate of Newnham College, Cambridge, Wansbrough-Jones later studied social welfare at LSE. During Second World War she was attached to Ministry of Health looking after the welfare of women and children evacuated around the country and had 1,600 children under her care. She was deputy to Geraldine Aves at the Ministry of Health. In 1956 she was a member of a UK team visiting Australia to establish how British children sent there by churches and other organisations were settling down. She served as Hon Secretary to the Aves Commission on the Role of the Voluntary Worker in the Social Services (1966-1969).

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