Partner Richard Wise, buried together

Queer Places:
St Mary Magdalene, Launceston PL15 8BD, Regno Unito
Bath Abbey, Bath BA1 1LT, Regno Unito

Image result for Granville Piper Richard WiseGranville Piper (died April 16, 1717) and Richard Wise (died 1726) have a memorial together at St Mary Magdalene, Launceston.

Granville Piper died in 1717, while in Bath, and was buried by Richard Wise in the abbey church there. When Wise died in 1726, he left instructions for his remains to be interred by those of his friend in Bath and for this cenotaph to be erected in the church in Launceston as "Monumentum mutui eorum Amoris" [a monument to their mutual love], as the inscription puts it. The choice of the setting for the cenotaph in the north aisle of the church placed that friendship, in the most concrete of terms, within the context of the Piper family: its setting in the north aisle of the church was where the Piper burial place and the family pew were situated. When it was erected in 1731, it would have stood near the magnificent monument to Granville Piper's grandparents, the celebrated local figure of Colonel Sir Hugh Piper and his wife Sibella Piper that occupied a commanding posi-tion at the end of the north aisle. Their monument now survives only in fragments, but the stone tablet standing by the foot of the cenotaph marked their grave and today still reflects the setting of the Piper burial place.

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