Grace Potter, M . D . (1874–1943) was a psychoanalyst, she studied with Freud, Rank, and Jung. She was a member of the Heterodoxy Club. She was Freud's first American woman student.

Potter was a New York social worker, psychoanalyst, and journalist; she wrote “Water from the River,” Mother Earth, 1908, and was secretary of the 1909 Free Speech Committee, and signed the Free Speech document published in Mother Earth (June 1909); she wrote “What We Did to Bernard Carlin,” protesting capital punishment, in Everyman 11, May 1915. She was the author of “Women Shirt-Waist Strikers Command Sympathy of Public,” New York Call (1909).

In 1926 An anonymous gift of $5,000, the first installment towards a fund of $100,000 was raised as "an expression of appreciation for the work of Dr. Sigmund Freud as a scientist in the discovery and development of psychoanalysis" and entrusted to Grace Potter, President of the New York Freudian Society of Psychoanalysis, who sailed to deliver the money to Dr. Freud. The anonymous donor of the gift was said to have remarked when turning over the gift: "Freud is undoubtedly the most important man of our age. Those of us who have money owe it to the culture of the world to see that Freud is supplied with necessary funds to continue his investigations."

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