Queer Places:
Mount Olivet Cemetery Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA

Picture of Grace Nickerson Bond (July 7, 1901 – October 18, 2002) was an instructor at the LDS School of Music (in the McCune Mansion) and the first boarder in Edith Mary Chapman ’s lesbian boarding house in 1923. After Grace Nickerson moved out of the house, Dorothy Graham replaced her.

Born July 7, 1901 in Salt Lake City, UT to Harvey Benjamin Nickerson (1863–1943) and Mary Caroline Chapman (1874–1928). In 1935 she married Francis Erle Bond (1897–1978) in Salt Lake City, UT.

She was a member of Radiant Chapter 12 OES, Chapter 1 PEO, Ladies Literary Club.

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