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St. Leonard's Churchyard Sheepstor, West Devon Borough, Devon, England

Sarawak job | Strange FlowersGladys Milton Palmer, Dayang Muda of Sarawak, also known as Khair-ul-Nissa and Khair un-nisa binti 'Abdu'llah (8 January 1884 – 12 June 1952) was a British film producer and heiress. Through her marriage to Bertram Willes Dayrell Brooke, she was a member of the ruling dynasty of Sarawak. For a while, Kay Boyle lived comfortably as the secretary to Palmer, heir to the Palmer biscuit company fortune and at the time Princess or Dayang Muda of Sarawak. Boyle, however, was drawn to a commune outside Paris in Neuilly organized by Raymond Duncan, brother of Isadora Duncan and later she started a relationship with Caresse Crosby.

Palmer was born on 8 January 1884 into a prominent Quaker family. She was the only child of Sir Walter Palmer, 1st Baronet and Jean Craig.[1] Her paternal grandfather was George Palmer, a proprietor of Huntley & Palmers. Her maternal grandfather was the engineer and politician William Young Craig. She was a niece of George William Palmer and a great-niece of William Isaac Palmer.

On 28 June 1904 Palmer married Bertram Willes Dayrell Brooke, the son of Sir Charles Anthony Johnson-Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak and Margaret Alice Lili de Windt. Through this marriage she became a member of the ruling dynasty of the Raj of Sarawak. After her father-in-law died in 1917, her husband's older brother, Charles Vyner Brooke, succeeded the throne. Her husband was made heir presumptive and accorded the title Tuan Muda of Sarawak and style of Highness. As the wife of the Tuan Muda, Palmer was accorded the title Dayang Muda and the style of Highness.[2]

Palmer and Brooke had four children:

In 1922 Palmer formed a film company called Big Four Famous Productions Company. She produced one film, Potter's Clay which featured the actress Dame Alice Ellen Terry.[3]

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In 1932 Palmer converted from Christianity to Islam. Stating that she wished her "conversion to be performed on no earthly territory", she chartered an Imperial Airways 42-seat airliner to fly from Croydon Airport to Paris. Another British Muslim convert, Khalid Sheldrake, conducted the ceremony over the English Channel.[4] Sheldrake gave her the Arabic name "Khair-ul-Nissa" ("fairest of women")[4] or "Khair un-nisa binti 'Abdu'llah".[3]

Palmer died on 12 June 1952 and was buried at St Leonard's in Sheepstor, Devon.

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