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614 N. Bedford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA
Magalia Cemetery Magalia, Butte County, California, USA

Gilbert Wilson (May 19, 1908 – May 20, 1990) was an American actor, known for You're the One (1941). In 1932, Elsie Janis married Gilbert Wilson, who was 16 years her junior, which caused some scandal.[8] There is some evidence it might have been a bearded relationship.[9][10] Although his talent was far more limited, his good looks and Janis’ connections helped get him cast as a chorus boy in Noël Coward’s revue Set to Music (1934). He never ascended to theatrical greatness, but he did become one of Coward’s party companions. Janis also socialized independently, appearing at one gathering clad in male riding attire on the arm of the notoriously libidinous actress Marilyn Miller.

Born in Chicago, Illinois - Cook County on 19 May 1908 to Everett Albert Wilson (1881-1940) and Etta Wilson (born 1883).

He passed away on 20 May 1990 in Paradise, California - Butte County.

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