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Queer Places:
Hollywood Cemetery, 412 S Cherry St, Richmond, VA 23220

Mary Dallas Street (1885-1951) inherited a large sum from her family and was able to live independently of men. Described as a large, masculine, red-faced woman, "Mr. Street," as some called her, was often seen driving her pale-blue Packard on the streets of Richmond. The love in her life was purported to be Gertrude Maxton Lewis (died December 17, 1932) , a blonde-locked teacher at Miss Jennie's School. But her love interest would have been known only to a small number of people, perhaps those who frequented parties at her 815 Franklin Street home.

Gertrude Maxton Lewis is the author of Carolina Chansons. She also contributed to The Reviewer, in particular "North From Bar Harbour", a travel essay.

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  1. Lesbian and Gay Richmond by Beth Marschak, Alex Lorch Arcadia Publishing, 2008 - History - 127 pages