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Tussainen Castle, Ulitsa Pobedy, 166, Kaliningradskaya oblast', Russia, 238711

ImmagineGertrud Ida Marie von Sanden (also under the pseudonyms Mervyn Brian Kennicott and M. B. Kennicott; * 10 September 1881 at Tussainen Castle, East Prussia; died 23 February 1940 in Tübingen), from 1907 to ca 1926 married Hamer[1], was a German writer.

Gertrude von Sanden came from the East Prussian noble family of Sanden. She moved to The Ukin 1897, where she attended a horticultural college. In 1907 she married the British officer Aston Hamer. The marriage produced two daughters, the younger of whom was Isabel Hamer, a writer born in 1912. After a stay in India, Gertrud Hamer returned to The United Kingdom in 1914. After her divorce she was permanently resident in Germany again from 1927, and from 1934 she lived with her partner Gertrud Bäumer in Gießmannsdorf in Silesia. She died of breast cancer in February 1940 during a treatment stay in Tübingen. Gertrud von Sanden published two novels in the 1930s under the pseudonym "Mervyn Brian Kennicott". With her letter novel Das Herz ist wach, first published in 1934 by her future son-in-law Hermann Leins, she achieved a bestseller, which reached a total circulation of more than 250,000 copies until the 1960s. The broad family saga The Story of the Tilman Sons, published in 1937, was reissued several times until the 1950s.

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