Georgette Ryner (January 7, 1895 - 1975) was a French anarchist poet, writer and teacher, she contributed to numerous anarchist publications, including Liberté and Le Monde Libertaire. She worked with the organization Terre des Hommes to bring assistance to Algerian children during the 1960s.

Daughter of the writer and philosopher Han Ryner and companion of the anarcho-individualist Louis Simon , Georgette Ryner collaborates in numerous libertarian newspapers such as Le Semeur by Alphonse Barbé , the en dehors of Emile Armand , Ce qu'il faut dire by Louis Louvet and also Liberté by Louis Lecoin , without forgetting the Cahiers des Amis de Han Ryner .

She was also interested in pedagogy and children to whom she will bring her help to Algeria, in 1966 under the auspices of Terre des Hommes . She is the author of some books and poems such as Dans la ronde éternelle from 1926 or Adolescente passionnée from 1969 .

She died in the spring of 1975 .

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