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Sam Irvin is an award-winning film and television director, producer, screenwriter, author, and film teacher. His directing credits include Guilty as Charged, Oblivion, Elvira's Haunted Hills, and two gay television series: Dante's Cove and From Here on Out. His other credits include co-producing The Broken Hearts Club and the Academy Award winning film Gods and Monsters. As an author, Irvin wrote the acclaimed biography Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise (Simon & Schuster). Between projects, Irvin teaches graduate courses on directing at the University Of Southern California School Of Cinematic Arts. He resides in Los Angeles with Gary Bowers (born August 11, 1946), his partner since 1982. Bowers is a hairdresser and artist. "We met at a club on Christopher Street in New York," Irvin recalled. "It was called The Cock Ring -- which sounds really raunchy but, in fact, was just a neighborhood bar that played great dance music. I spotted Gary across the tiny dance floor. It was love at first sight. I asked him to dance, the music swelled, and the rest is history."

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