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2808 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19133

Fred Dart (1856 - March 30, 1890) was considered one of the best and most versatile "wenches" in minstrelsy ; he was for many years with Sam Hague's Minstrels in Liverpool. He was a remarkably clever actor of female characters, his slight figure, boyish face and high falsetto voice admirably qualifying him for that line ot work.

Three of the finest female impersonators ever seen in the United Kingdom were Fred Dart in 1870, Frank Pieri in 1875, and Ernest Linden who was with the company Moore and Burgess Minstrels from 1879 to 1885.

When Mr, Hague moved to the United States in 1881, Mr. Dart was with him, subsequently joining Carncross' Minstrels in Philadelphia, where he remained until the time of his death.

Fred Dart was born in Liverpool, England.

He died of consumption at his home, 2808 North Eleventh Street, in Philadelphia, March 30, 1890; age 34 years.

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