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Fannie Kilbourne Gatchell Schubart (November 28, 1890 - September 9, 1961) was a novelist and short story writer. She was a member of the Heterodoxy Club. The "Fannie Kilbourne's Dot and Will Horton" stories, popular fiction in a number of magazines, were broadcast nationally. Three of her stories were made into movies: "The Girl Who Was the Life of the Party" as Girls Men Forget (1924), The Major and the Minor (1942), "Sunny Goes Home" as You're Never Too Young (1955).

She attended Central High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, class of 1908. She first married Charles Gatchell, artist and writer, of Benton Harbor, Saint Joseph, Michigan. She had twin children with Gatchell, who died in 1935. In 1937 she married Henry Allen Schubart, who had a textile trade in New York City. She died at 70 years old in Boulder, Colorado.

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