Partner Louis Dusée

Queer Places:
Amsterdam Begraafplaats Zorgvlied Amsterdam, Amsterdam Municipality, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Ernest Bailey (October 5, 1939 - December 1, 2001) was Louis Dusée's longtime partner.

Louis Dusée suffered a brain hemorrhage in 1988. Bailey, whom he had met at the revue, was working at Jos Brink's play Old New Friends at the time and was given leave to take care of Louis. Louis never really became the old one again and ended up in 1996 in the Amstelhof nursing home, where Ernest visited him every day, until Louis died in 1999, at the age of 69. Ernest had not listened carefully to his own body because of the care of Louis, and he began to struggle with his own health. Ernest Bailey died in 2001 at the age of 62.

Louis Dusée and Ernest Bailey are buried in Amsterdam, Zorgvlied Cemetery, Graf N-II-1452. Ernest's sister Ellen, ensured that all the theater material that was abundantly present in the house of Louis and Ernest came to Theaterarchief foundation. Exactly one year after the founding of the foundation in 2000 (Ernest was a board member of the foundation), when he passed away. In addition to the theater material, Louis' private photos have also ended up in the foundation's archives.

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