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Queer Places:
Valhallavägen 59, 114 22 Stockholm, Sweden
Valhallavägen 80, 114 27 Stockholm, Sweden
Drottningholmsvägen 76, 112 43 Stockholm, Sweden
Galärvarvskapellet, Djurgårdsvägen 28, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Ellen Kleman (July 24, 1867 – September 28, 1943) was a Swedish publicist, primarily known as editor of the magazine Dagny (1908-1913) and Hertha (1914-1932) and the release of Fredrika Bremers letters 1-4 together with Klara Johanson.

Her parents were Commander Carl Kleman (1820-1872) and Johanna Augusta Grahm (1825-1904). Grandfather was Johan Jacob Kleman (1780-1838), who was MP 1828-1830 and the mayor of the city of Karlskrona. She had a sister Anna Kleman (1862-1940), who was also a writer and active in women's voting rights movement and a half-brother Fredrik Marianus Kleman.

Ellen Kleman grew up in Karlskrona and went elementary work for girls in the city of 1880-1885. She started working as a treasurer in 1886 at the Blekinge bank in Karlskrona, but moved and became a banker in Uppsala and Stockholm.

She met Klara Johanson in 1900. In 1910, 1911 and 1914 they traveled to Germany , France and Switzerland, and Johanson received a scholarship from Stockholms Dagblad to travel and study women's working relationship after the war in Germany and France.

In 1912 they moved together with Kleman’s sister, Anna Kleman, and a servant to an apartment in Östermalm, Valhallavägen 59, 114 22 Stockholm. In 1923 they changed the apartment to Valhallavägen 80, 114 27 Stockholm, but the sister moved to another address a year later. In 1937, Ellen Kleman and Klara Johanson moved to Kungsholmen, Drottningholmsvägen 76, 112 43 Stockholm, where they lived until Kleman’s death in 1943. She is buried at Galärvarvskyrkogården (Djurgårdsvägen 28, 115 21 Stockholm).

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