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136 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019
Prospect Hill Cemetery York, York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Edwin Strawbridge (July 5, 1896 - October 30, 1957) was a dancer-coreographer, whose touring organization presented many ballet performances sponsored by Elmira Children's Theater Inc. Livingston Platt disappeared in 1933, apparently after committing suicide. His friend Margaret Anglin told Jerome Collamore that Platt, first moved to Belgium and then back in New York, moved back in with Strawbridge at the New York apartment they were sharing since at least 1928.

Strawbridge attended Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. He was the Premier danseur of the Ravinia Opera for two years. First known to children's audiences through his dancing for Junior Programs, Strawbridge founded his own touring theatre in 1940. He did dramatic dance interpretations of Pinocchio, Christopher Columbus, Johnny Applcseed.

The last Elmira performance of the Strawbridge organization was in December 1953 when "Pecos Bill" was presented. In other appearances for the local theater group, such productions as "Prince Swine herd," "Snow Maiden," "Robinson Crusoe," "Arabian Knights," "Pinnochio," "Christopher Co lumbus," and "Simple Simon" were presented.

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