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Edith "Daisy" Haynes Thompson (1874 - October 19, 1977) owned a Greenwich Village furniture shop and was a member of the Heterodoxy Club. She the sister of Inez Haynes Irwin. An 1916 advertisement said that Edith Haynes Thompson's Her Shop contained many quaint and beautiful things. Daisy Haynes Thompson put two pictures of herself into the Heterodoxy to Marie photo album: in the first she looks demure and Victorian, and in the second she has short hair and flashy earrings. She explained: "Before and after becoming a member of Heterodoxy!"

File:Edith Hayes Thompson standing in the doorway of Her Shop, ca. 1912-1926. (9628001921).jpg
Edith Hayes Thompson standing in the doorway of Her Shop, ca. 1912-1926

The six women who designed scenery for the Provincetown Players did so between 1916 and 1919. They are Marguerite Zorach, Margaret Swain, Edith Haynes Thompson, Louise Hellstrom, Flossette Florence Heaton, and a “Miss Whittredge.” Although there is no visual or verbal evidence of designs by Whittredge or Thompson, they most likely employed realistic domestic interiors. Neith Boyce’s Winter’s Night, designed by Edith Haynes Thompson in January 1917, is a three-character melodrama set in the interior of a New England farmhouse. Thompson, who owned a shop on Washington Square South that featured “many quaint and beautiful things,” also provided furnishings for the first New York production of Suppressed Desires, set in a Village apartment.

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