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Daniel Warner (June 14, 1955 - June 14, 1993) was the co-founder and executive director of the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation, an organization that provided care for people living with AIDS; and the program director of West Hollywood CARES. He also organized the National Candlelight March in 1983 and 1990 and served as a health educator for the City of West Hollywood. In addition, Warner acted as a consultant on two television movies about AIDS, Our Sons on ABC and the Emmy award-winning An Early Frost on NBC. In 1991, in recognition of his service to the community, Warner was given Los Angeles Shanti's first Daniel P. Warner Commitment to Service Award, Los Angeles County's Community Service Award, and a certificate of recognition from the California State Senate.

Daniel Warner was born on June 14, 1955 in St. Louis, Missouri. He moved to Los Angeles in 1976, where he attended the California Institute of the Arts and the University of California, Los Angeles. In the 1980s, Warner contracted HIV, and began writing extensively about his experience living with HIV/AIDS. In 1987, he moved to San Francisco, but continued to spend most of his time in Southern California. He returned to San Francisco permanently in 1991 and lived there with his partner, Matt Satterlund, until he died on June 14, 1993.

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