Prince Michel Constantine Bibesco-Bassaraba de Brancovan (October 1, 1875 – August 22, 1967) was a Member of the Romanian Parliament. He was the son of Prince Grégoire Bibesco-Bassaraba de Brancovan (1827–1886), [1] a Romanian-French prince and Rakoul (Rachel) Musurus (1847-1923), the daughter of Pasha Constantine ('Costaki') Musurus (1807–1891), the Turkish ambassador to Britain. His maternal great-grandparents were Prime Minister of the United Kingdom H. H. Asquith (later 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith) and the socialite and author Margot Asquith. His siblings were: Anna de Noailles and Princess Catherine Hélène Bibesco-Bassaraba de Brancovan.

In 1909 he married Eugenie Antoniadi (1874-1917), daughter of John Antoniadi and Chariclée Eustratiou. In 1919 he married Nicolette Cesianu (1891-1968). 

From left to right, standing: Prince Edmond de Polignac, Princess of Brancovan (Rakoul (Rachel) Musurus), Marcel Proust, Prince Constantin Brancoveanu (brother of Anna de Noailles), and Léon Delafosse. 2nd row: Madame de Montgenard, Princesse de Polignac, Countess Anna de Noailles, 1st row: Princess Helen Caraman-Chimay (sister of Anna de Noailles), Abel Hermant

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