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Constance Carrodus (1894-1989) was one of the most accomplished singers of folk songs in the UK. She brought to her singing of these not only a beautiful voice but a capacity for entering into the character of the song in question. She sang folk songs of all countries in their original languages. She had frequently broadcasted these musical portraits. Her partner was Winifred Radford.

Winifred Radford; Constance Carrodus by Angus McBean vintage bromide print on card mount, 1957-1958 8 in. x 6 3/8 in. (202 mm x 162 mm) Given by Sidney Buckland, 2001 Photographs Collection NPG x88988

Constance Carrodus was born in Lancashire, and gave her first broadcast from Manchester. She studied at the Manchester College of Music, and subsequently became interested in character work and travelled extensively, studying the peoples of different countries and their songs.

In 1949, after 29 years of marriage, Winifred Radford's husband died. It was around this time that Radford met Carrodus. Well known to BBC listeners in the 1940s and 1950s for her characterisations and collection of voices, including a male voice, Carrodus joined forces with Radford in a programme entitled City and Countryside. 'The two artists are superbly contrasted,' wrote the Yorkshire Observer. 'Miss Radford brings forward (with elegant period attire) the sophistication of bygone ages, Miss Carrodus delivers, in down-to-earth manner, the personalities and the true atmosphere of the Folk Songs.' The striking and eccentric Constance Carrodus became not only a valued colleague but also the lifelong companion of Winifred Radford.

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