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Harold Clarkson Crane (1894-1971) was born in Chicago. In 1911 the family moved to the Sacramento Valley. He attended the University of California and began publishing his first stories and sketches. He served with the ambulance corps in World War I. Settling in Carmel after the war, he became part of its literary coterie. He spent 1924-26 in France, writing his first novel in a small hotel in Paris. On his return he met Clyde Evans (September 16, 1906 – March 21, 2003), and the two remained partners for the rest of his life. Financially secure, he held only intermittent jobs: teaching, working as a reference librarian, doing little writing. After World War II he published gay short stories in Mattacine Review, ONE, the Swiss based Der Kreis, and the French journal Arcadie.

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  1. Gay American Novels, 1870–1970: A Reader’s Guide By Drewey Wayne Gunn