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Queer Places:
The Byletts, Pembridge, Leominster HR6 9HY, UK

Clive Bertram Preen (October 23, 1886 - April 20, 1944) was born at George St, Kidderminster. He was the son of Harvey Edward Preen, a chartered accountant, and his wife Ann (formerly Harper). The birth was registered on 3rd December 1886 by his father, Harvey E. Preen of Alpine Villa, George St, Kidderminster. He was a chartered accountant.

In 1930 he met C. H. B. Kitchin. By the summer of 1941 Clifford Kitchin and Clive Preen were living in the house attached to The Byletts, which was a school at Pembridge in Herefordshire where Clifford Kitchin taught small boys. They were to be lovers for the next fourteen years, until Preen's death. Clive Preen collapsed and died at a Liverpool hotel in April 1944.

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