Claudia Gacon aka Cordiet (February 23, 1877 - December 23, 1898) was a militant anarchist. She was born in Lyon (4th arr.) and died Lyon (Croix-Rousse).

In fragile health, Claudia Gacon was first taken in by the widow Revel, an anarchist activist with whom she worked from the age of fourteen.

Around 1897, she met Lucien Weill (aka Dhorr), friend of Sébastien Faure. She became his mistress.

In a letter to the prefect of the Rhône, while affirming "her advanced ideas", she disapproved of "propaganda by the fact, which, moreover, [only] does harm to the libertarian party" (23 September 1897).

At her funeral on December 24, 1898, there were few anarchists.

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