Queer Places:
Lille Kongensgade, 1074 København, Denmark

Christian Houmark (June 4, 1869 – January 30, 1950) was a Danish author and journalist.

He was the son of Captain Andreas Houmark (1830-80) and Christiane Marie Binderup (1832-1915).

At age 15, Houmark was the author of a play perfonned at a theatre in the provincial town of Alborg. He attempted, without success, a career in the theatre, then became a journalist. His specialty was the long and penetrating interview in which his pointed characterisation often came close to perfidy: the fast change of words was lively and mannered. To be interviewed by Houmark was a mark of social distinction.

Houmark was an admirer and a close friend of the famed author Herman Bang, whom he succeeded as the one notorious and exemplary homosexual in Denmark. For a time they lived together at Lille Kongensgade, 1074 København.

In 1910 he published For Gods Aasyn (In the Eye of God), a tearful novel about an artistically inclined young man's chaste love for another young Irian. The word homosexual does not appear. The moral was Ibis: Do not ever seek happiness with someone to whom fate has not been as cruel as it has been to yourself. To seek it with anyone else is a crime against humanity.

Later in life Houmark became a queen who expected his collegues to address him as countess (since one of his love affairs had been with a count). Shortly after Houmark's death in 1950 two autobiographies, mainly on his life as a homosexual, were published in accordance with his will. They are a protest against society's oppression of homosexuals. However, factual details, events and conversations related word-for-word are not trustworthy.

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