Queer Places:
Sumter Cemetery Sumter, Sumter County, South Carolina, USA

Charles Hilliard Hurst (June 23, 1885 - March 22, 1968) - Charles Hilliard Hurst (June 23, 1885 - March 22, 1968) was a female impersonator.

From chorus man to burlesque prima donna in two years is certainly going some; nevertheless that is the proud distinction accorded to Charles Hilliard, who made his first professional appearance with Frank Lalor in "Prince Humbug" in 1908, in the minor capacity already referred to. The following year Hilliard was engaged with Cohan and Harris' Minstrels, also as a chorus singer; before the season was over he was playing a prominent part in the after-piece. August 10, 1910, Hilliard played for the first time, the principal female role in the "Fireman's Picnic" with George Evans' Minstrels' his success was emphatic.

Charles Hurst was born in Sumter, SC, on June 23, 1885.

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