Queer Places:
Bagmati River, Nepal

Related imageEric Michael Johnson (October 22, 1937 - February 2004) was a dancer in the 1960's.

His early training was in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 1961-62 he was a corps member of Ruth Page's Chicago Opera Ballet touring the US. While with that company he adopted the stage name Vladimir "Val" Sparinsky. Later he lived in New York, performed in shows at the Latin Quarter, and picked up occasional freelance work. His career was cut short by one or more serious injuries to his knee.

In 1963 Johnson read the memoir My Happy Days in Hell by György Faludy, became enchanted with the author, and traveled to Hungary in search of Faludy. At this time he began to learn Hungarian and finally caught up with Faludy three years later in Malta. He became his secretary, translator, co-author and partner for the next 36 years. He became a renowned poet in contemporary Latin poetry.

In 2002 when Faludy married again, Johnson left for Kathmandu, Nepal, and died there in February 2004. He was cremated and his ashes scattered in the Bagmati River, Nepal.

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