Partner Anne Whitney, buried together

Queer Places:
Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge, MA 02138, Stati Uniti

Abby Adeline Manning (June 29, 1836 - May 21, 1906) was the daughter of Richard H. Manning, merchant, and Frances A. Moore. At the age of six Abby lost her mother and younger sister, Emily. She grew up in New York living with her father and step mother.

She and Anne Whitney perhaps met around 1862 when Anne was studying with the renowned William Rimmer. He also taught at the School of Design for Women, Cooper Union, New York City. Between 1867 and 1876 she and Anne visited Munich, Paris and Rome. In 1878 Adeline and Anne were living and working in their new studio at 92 Mt. Vernon in Boston. Abby at the time was also an artist and her works to this day have been lost to the shadows of history and time.

In 1888 Anne purchased 225 acres in Shelburne, New Hampshire and her and Adeline spent their summers on the farm. They were both involved with the women suffrage movement, printing of pamphlets to hand out for different causes, and of sharing their home with friends and fellow artists.

They were together for forty four years until, after a brief illness, Adeline died at the age sixty-nine. Some have written of Adeline that she was gentle as a moonbeam, yet firm as a rock and was Anne's other self and second conscience.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA

They buried her and Anne's ashes next to each other under the same headstone.


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