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Caroline "Carrie" Rand Herron (March 17, 1867 - January 11, 1914) was an American political patron. She was the subjectof a novel by Leonard Abbot, A Socialist Wedding (1901).

 Caroline Rand was born on March 17, 1867, in Burlington, Iowa, the daughter of Elbridge Dexter Rand, a a lumber baron and banker, and Caroline Amanda Sherfy (1828–1905), a philanthropist. After her father’s death in 1887, the young high school graduate became her mother’s close friend and companion. Together they managed “The Pines,” the family’s estate in Burlington, and were involved in local civic affairs. She married George Davis Herron, a minister, on May 25, 1901, and had two children, Elbridge Rand Herron and George Davis Herron, Jr..

She served as instructor in social and physical culture (1893–99) and principal for women (1894) at Iowa College in Grinnell (later Grinnell College); she helped fund E.D. Rand Gymnasium for women at Iowa College (1897); she campaigned with her husband for socialist causes, including presidential candidacy of Eugene Debs; she was secretary of Social Apostolate in Chicago, IL; she served as delegate to Indianapolis convention which created new Socialist Party of America (1901); with her mother's bequest, she established Rand School of Social Science (1906), a socialist school in New York City which lasted for 50 years.

She died on January 11, 1914, in Florence, Italy.

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