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Image result for Carl StrakoschCarl Strakosch (April 16, 1860 – October 23, 1916) was an impresario who lived and died in the US but was the nephew of musical impresarios Max and Maurice Strakosch.

He was born in Vienna April 16. 1860, to a tradition of managers and impressarios, his family having been noted for generations in the world of music. He received his earlier classical education in Vienna, the city of his birth, and played prominent part in the artistic life of the section. His uncle, Max Strakosch, was a manager of note and another uncle, Maurice Strakosch, who later married Arnalia Patti, sister of the famour Adelina, was an impressario and taught Adelina. Coming to America as a young man, Strakosch was soon recognized in American musical circles and he became manager for several prominent opera singers. He married Clara Louise Kellogg (1842–1916), an American singer, the first American prima donna, 18 years older than him. They had a country home, Elpstone, in New Hartford.

Carl Strakosch died suddenly at the Hotel Heublein. He had not been well for several weeks and had been suffering from Bright's disease.

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